Systematic Approach

We use a systematic approach to gather facts about your organisation before analysing the data then making recommendations.

Critical Thinking

We apply critical thinking and decision support tools to reduce bias and improve judgement.

Ethical Dimension

We considering the ethical dimension, including effects on stakeholders.

Houses of Parliament

The Commission on the Future of Management and Leadership

Cambridge Management Sciences are pleased to support the Chartered Management Institute call on those responsible for leading businesses, public services and third sector enterprises to start with an honest self-appraisal of their Purpose, People and Potential, identify where they could make improvements, and take action to do so.

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  • Evidence-Based Approach

    We encourage you to avoid basing decisions on:

    • untested, strongly held beliefs
    • what you have done in the past
    • uncritical “benchmarking” of what winners do
  • Best Information Available

    “Fact based” decision making requires getting the best evidence and
    using it to guide actions

  • Effective and Adaptable

    We encourage experimentation and learning from experience

  • Coaching and Learning & Development

    Face up to hard facts, and build a culture in which people are encouraged to be open and honest, even if it is difficult or unpleasant.

What others say about us

Issa A S

“Your contribution to the project has been immense…a true asset in any role that calls for vision and guidance.”

Issa A S Corporate Planning DirectorSharaka Holdings (formerly GTG) - Qatar
Vibeke C

I attended the Introduction to Business Process Management which was a great course. It met all my expectations and more. The trainer was approachable, professional and very good at conveying the material in a interesting manner. I would highly recommend this company.

Vibeke C Global CDS Information DeveloperBCD Travel
John W

“The results of your work have exceeded what we had anticipated and hoped for from the project. We are still trying to assimilate the full impact of what you offered us.” 

John W ChairmanAssociation for Management Education & Development (AMED0

“Thank you for your insightful advice; it was actionable and really helped me… Worked very well … he accepted my recommendations… Thanks again.” 

Chief Information OfficerInternational Pharmaceutical Company