in-house professional training development

What does good professional training and development look like?

Professional Training and Development in Context A simple way of thinking about professional training and development in the workplace is in support of formal learning, while some 'learning to learn' skills may also help with informal…
Improvement or optimisation?

What's the difference between improvement and optimisation?

Background "What's the difference between improvement and optimisation?" is a question I was asked by a Six Sigma Master Black Belt during a recent Business Process Improvement course. They said their managers seemed to use the words 'improve'…
Improvement or optimisation?

LinkedIn and Bad Science

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Bad Science I'm more aware of bad science than ever since reading Ben Goldacre's book of the same name a few years ago. Familiarity bias and proximity bias no doubt!.  So, another day, and another LinkedIn post from a well-meaning consultant…
management and leadership commission

The Commission on the Future of Management and Leadership

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Cambridge Management Sciences are pleased to support the Chartered Management Institute call on those responsible for leading businesses, public services and third sector enterprises to start with an honest self-appraisal of their Purpose, People and Potential, identify where they could make improvements, and take action to do so.
Corporate governance reform required

Corporate governance reform needed

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Corporate governance has been reformed and improved, but recent evidence suggests there is more still  to do. Financial Services As Standard Chartered Bank and HSBC join Barclays in the rogues gallery of banks that have suffered severe failures…
Sustainable profit

Sustainable profit?

In the same week that Apple CEO Tim Cook told climate-change denying investors to sell their Apple stock, strategic advisors lavery/pennell publish an interesting, and challenging, report.  They suggest that a new, sustainable profit model…
strategy science - promising new journal

New journal: "Strategy Science"

Context As a consultancy practice that uses Management Sciences methods we have an interest in the more specific area of strategy science.  We, therefore, like the section in the book Good Strategy/Bad Strategy: The difference and why it…
Lazy Management development

Lazy Management development

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Body language is often included as part of management development programmes.  It's easy to see why.  Telling people that crossed arms indicate resistance to what you are saying seem reasonable based on 'common sense'.  However, as with many…