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Does COVID-19 impact your strategy?

For most organisations, the answer is ‘yes’. So, if the COVID-19 impact on your business strategy hasn’t made you reevaluate it, the urgent question you must ask is why not? Strategic Impact In mid-March 2020, the COVID-19 novel coronavirus pandemic is developing rapidly across the world. The response from national governments is fragmented, with some […]

COVID-19 Impact on Consultancy and Training Services

As the impact of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) cases increase, Cambridge Management Sciences are ensuring we provide a safe and healthy environment for our employees and associates to ensure our services remain operational during these testing times. We aim, to the best of our ability, to provide business continuity to our clients and partners. These are […]

Does investing in training deliver a return on investment to your organisation?

Training return on investment or not? As with most questions like this, there are many schools of thought. The first difference is between those who promote measuring training return on investment and others who argue that trying to measure it is pointless. The mainstream view holds that measurement can help evaluate some kind of return […]

Adding Knowledge Management to the CBMSc practice

Knowledge Associates and CBMSc announce partnership for an integrated, strategy and knowledge asset management service to accelerate business improvement. A New Approach that integrates Strategy, Process Design and Knowledge Management at a deeper level to help businesses achieve sustainable results faster, better and at a lower cost Cambridge, UK 17 April 2018. Knowledge Associates International […]

What does good professional training and development look like?

Professional Training and Development in Context A simple way of thinking about professional training and development in the workplace is in support of formal learning, while some ‘learning to learn’ skills may also help with informal learning which happens in normal daily life. Developing knowledge in an organisation requires formal and informal learning approaches to be […]

Corporate governance reform needed

Corporate governance has been reformed and improved, but recent evidence suggests there is more still  to do. Financial Services As Standard Chartered Bank and HSBC join Barclays in the rogues gallery of banks that have suffered severe failures of corporate governance, the reputation of commercial banks can, surely, only be recovered through fundamental reform of […]