Evidence-based consultingOur consultancy services help you increase the effectiveness of your organisation through our use of evidence-based methods and tools, which are proven ways of helping turn your strategy into results. We quickly analyse and understand your situation to find effective solutions specifically for your organisation. When others around you say, “It can’t be done” we come up with new options. We keep your organisation on course by providing alternative solutions and finding better ways to help you meet your goals.

We prefer to work as facilitators, unlocking the knowledge and creativity in your organisation, guided by our knowledge and experience of what is possible.

Consultancy Disciplines

  • Strategy Formulation, Alignment & Execution

    Our strategy consulting practice helps you clarify your organisation’s challenges and opportunities then decide what to do about them and, what not to do so that you can implement a successful strategic management process.

  • Organisation Design & Development

    If you have changed strategy your organisation might not deliver the results you expect; this is where our organisation design consultancy can help. 

  • Leadership Consulting

    We provide tailored leadership consulting to support experienced managers who want to develop their strategic thinking abilities and lead a successful strategic management process.

  • Process Improvement

    Understanding the business and management processes is vital for any organisation, but describing them and delivering sustained business process improvement is difficult when you are closely involved.

  • Change Management

    Once you have formulated a successful strategy and designed the processes, systems and roles to start it; you expect to be rewarded with a successful organisation that achieves goals, delivers the strategy and realises the vision.

Consultancy Principles

  • Evidence

    Solutions proven to work in the field supported by valid research.

  • Understanding

    The ability to see your challenges and opportunities and knowing what to do about them.

  • Insight

    Putting ourselves in your shoes to see problems from your point of view.

  • Strategic Thinking

    Seeing the bigger picture and simplifying complexity.

  • Critical Thinking

    Questioning orthodoxy, opinion and assumption.

Our approach

Consultancy approach

We view each consultancy engagement as unique.  

Our starting point is to understand that every client is different and respect the knowledge and experience you have.

We do not offer ‘ready-made’ solutions, so we invest the time to question, listen and understand before recommending an evidence-based approach. This ensures that we deliver solutions that work for you, and provide the best value possible. It is the foundation of our consultancy practice.

We don’t assume we know the answer before we have discussed the problem, and we don’t propose to deliver solutions that you are capable of delivering yourself.

We use a systematic and rational approach to analysing your requirements and finding the areas where we can add the most value for you.

Our practice

Our domain is Management Science, which is closely related to Operations Research.  These terms are not very helpful for understanding clearly what we do, so some aspects of management science and operations research might be more recognisable.  Our expertise and experience include business analysis, strategic management, business process management, performance management and measurement.  These areas themselves draw on methods and tools including six sigma, lean management, knowledge management, business architecture, organisation design, process mapping and many others.