Leadership Consulting

What is leadership consulting and what can it do for us?

We provide tailored leadership consulting to support experienced managers. Our leadership consulting will help leaders and managers who want to develop their strategic thinking abilities.  we can help you develop your ability to lead an organisation, department, division, team or other group to deliver a successful strategy.

Good leadership is a vital part of an effective organisation. There are plenty of leadership theories around; but which are the best ones based on the evidence?  We can guide you to the best solution for your situation.

We take a pragmatic view that leadership is about creating the conditions for successful, timely and effective change. This is distinct from management, which is concerned with minimising the disruptive effects of change to ensure consistency, reliability and predictability.  In some cases, leaders are distinct from managers.  In other situations you might have to balance leadership with management which can be difficult for you and confusing for others if you are not clear about the distinction.

The CBMSc approach

Our experience tells us that every organisation requires both good managers and good leaders but this need changes over time depending on how fast, and how much, the external environment is changing.

Managers are equipped for steady, predictable situations that can be accommodated by incremental change. Leadership is vital when the gap between the external forces and your internal ability to deliver grows too great, or the rate of external change is so rapid that people need someone to make sense of it for them.

Key benefits:

  • Ability to thrive on change
  • Clear direction
  • Motivated people
  • Innovation
  • Ability to look ahead and anticipate

Contact us to find out how our leadership consultancy services can help your organisation become more effective:

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