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Organisation Design

If you have changed strategy your organisation might not deliver the results you expect; this is where our organisation design consultancy can help. Large organisations can suffer from the creation or emergence of silos; departments or divisions that have barriers between them, which makes it difficult to communicate which, in turn, threatens alignment, stifles innovation and can even create internal competition.

Some of the elements that make up a successful design include:

  • an organisational architecture matched to the dynamics of your business environment
  • a carefully designed set of processes and systems that support the capabilities of your people
  • clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  • a recognition and reward approach aligned with your goals and values

People, processes and systems

People are the critical factor for many organisations.. As the economies of countries in much of Europe, Australasia and North America continue to move from the industrial age to the information age, and tackle their recent economic issues, the ability to engage and align people around agile and innovative strategy becomes the core competency that differentiates successful organisations from the rest. In growing economies with small national populations, the ability to attract and keep  talent is important. For emerging economies with large, growing populations, the challenge is how to sustain growth to create useful employment. The speed at which these economies are developing means they are likely to transition through their industrial ages in a matter of years and not a century or more as the original industrial nations experienced.

Key benefits:

  • Organisation aligned with strategic direction
  • Effective processes and systems
  • Strategy delivery
  • Improved revenues & profit (private sector)
  • Better service delivery (public sector)

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