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strategy consulting

Evidence-based strategy consulting

Our evidence-based strategy consulting practice helps you clarify your organisation’s challenges and opportunities then decide what to do about them.  We also guide you to choose what not to do.  This difficult and often overlooked aspect of strategy is where many organisations go wrong.  They try to please too many stakeholders at once.  The clarity provided by clear strategic goals supported by definite decisions to say ‘no’ allows you to implement a successful strategic management process.

In principle, you want to use your strengths to pursue the best opportunities and solve the biggest challenges. This may seem simple enough but in practice, it is often difficult to deliver. This is where we can help.

We take a pragmatic approach that cuts through the mystique. We apply simple, powerful principles that have been field tested and proven to work so that you create a truly effective strategy that aligns and integrates your policies and actions.Evidence-based consulting

How does CBMSc help?

We use evidence-based, scientific principles to go deeper than the typical ‘cookie cutter’ approach to strategy that creates bland statements of mission, vision, values and goals. We also urge you to face issues and not take the easy route of avoiding conflict. Our systems-thinking approach encourages the whole organisation to be considered.  Together, these elements allow you to define a clear plan that everyone can understand, and minimise the problems caused by change and complexity.

For example, we helped a government ministry in the Middle East to break out from a 2-year exercise that had generated volumes of reports but little in the way of results. Using a 2-day facilitated workshop, we helped them deliver the decisions they needed to agree their overall strategy.

In another case, we helped a successful family business develop a new strategy for their group of 30 subsidiaries to increase their profit by a factor of 10 to help them attract external equity investors.

Our services range from our short and effective 2-day Strategy Pathfinder service to a thorough, evidence-based consulting project based on our proven, effective performance measurement and improvement methodology (StoRM) that can cover every element of formulating strategy through to the delivery of results.

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