Why choose e-learning?

E-learning is a cost-effective training option when you want to train people in a fast, flexible and cost-effective way.
We offer a carefully selected set of e-learning courses in:

  • Business strategy
  • Business process management
  • Management development

These three subject areas are the key elements for delivering growth and improving performance. Our e-learning modules provide the basis for allowing trainees to select when and where to study, and how to fit the training into their schedules.  Some prefer office-based learning; others find it more conducive at home.  The flexibility of the Learning Management System that administers the courses allow users to complete a course in one sitting or split it across multiple short sessions.  Individual topics can be skimmed, studied in depth and repeated as often as necessary for up to a year.

What is involved in an e-learning course?

E-learning differs from classroom-style training in a number of ways:

  • The trainee sets the pace of their own study
  • Learning is usually an individual activity, using a computer and headphones.
  • The use of technology to deliver the curriculum ensures consistency for every trainee

All of our e-learning courses can also be delivered as blended training, combining learning at the computer with practical application, learning with others, guided by a facilitator.

Why choose Cambridge Management Sciences for your e-learning?

Our approach to development and curation ensures that both the content and course design are based on the best information about what really works and utilises our skills and those of carefully selected providers to offer the best content.

We design and develop in-house courses using a modular approach using our library of training elements.  This means we can blend the e-learning and instructor-led elements to ensure we offer the right balance for each client.

The current modules are listed in our shop.  Selecting any course will take you to a page with more details and, when you are ready, a simple purchase form.  Once you have ordered and paid for the e-learning, you will receive a unique code by email that the trainee can use to unlock the course.  They then have access a full year.

Also, please feel free to contact us by phone, email, or using the form below to find out more about how we can help you meet your learning and development needs more cost-effectively:

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