Why choose customised in-house training?

In-house training is a cost-effective alternative to our open courses when you want to train a number of people in the same subject.  The benefits can be realised with as few as four delegates.  The biggest cost, compared to a public course, is the design and development of the teaching material.  However, once we have developed this, you can use it again for repeat presentations.  

in house training course

What is involved in developing a customised  in-house training course?

Our approach to developing in house training starts by ensuring we fully understand your requirements as quickly as possible. The next steps will depend on what you require, but a typical process follows these steps:

  • Agree learning objectives and outcomes
  • Confirm scope and constraints (time, cost and quality)
  • Prepare an outline design
  • Confirm the design approach
  • Develop the required supporting materials (e-learning elements, pre-reading, evaluations, assessments, manuals, presentations, handouts, case studies, exercises etc.)
  • Confirm that you are happy with the design and development
  • Arrange logistics (We are currently unable to offer instructor-led options at your site as a result of the restrictions that are in place to contain the spread of COVID-19, so we provide either pure e-learning, virtual classroom sessions led by an instructor via zoom, or a remote blended approach that combines virtual classroom sessions with a range of e-learning activities.  We can customise the colour palette and branding of the materials, if required, within a dedicated secure learning environment.)
  • Deliver the training
  • Evaluate the training after delivery to ensure it has met the agreed objectives and outcomes

All of our public courses can be tailored to your specific in-house requirements including changes to the topics, examples, exercise and cases studies.  We can also design completely bespoke training.  In each case you have the option of customising the look and feel to match your own branding.

Why choose Cambridge Management Sciences for your customised training?

Our unique evidence-based approach ensures that both the content and course design are based on the best information about what really works.

We develop our public courses using a modular approach.  This means we can maintain the material easily to ensure it is always up to date.  This also means we can use these ‘building blocks’ to create your materials quickly then easily tailor the modules to meet your specific needs.  This reduces the lead time to develop materials and also keeps the development costs down to provide you with the best value.

We have some example in house courses for the most popular options, such as business process improvement.

Also, please feel free to contact us by phone, email, or using the form below to find out more about how we can help you meet your learning and development needs more cost effectively: