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Five Principles of Business Leadership e-learning course

Promote success, profitability and productivity within your business or job role, with this fantastic course that can help students to become effective leaders. Without a strong and capable leader, other team players will not be able to achieve the best results due to lack of direction, and a business could fail. Leadership is an essential part of business – no matter what the industry – and with this course, you will gain and develop some of the fundamental skills required to become a good leader in your current or future job roles.

Work On 24 Tasks

The Five Principles of Business Leadership course is made up of 24 tasks that will help students to learn some of the essential skills and techniques that are needed to motivate a team and improve productivity. Understand the importance of co-operation, and how to analyse your team’s performance and see how it can be improved. While many leadership qualities come naturally to some individuals, others need to learn these abilities, and it’s courses like this that will ensure your journey towards becoming a strong leader is a smooth and determined one.

The Importance of Leadership

Without leadership and efficient management strategies in place, a business can easily fail. Sign up for this course, master the five principles, from leadership skills to performance management and business strategy, and you can be certain that the business that you’re responsible for will continue to thrive.


This course is ideally suited to individuals who are on their way to becoming a team leader, supervisor or manager and would like to hone their skills and soak up some valuable information to improve their leadership abilities. Those currently in leadership roles, or business students, could also benefit.


Build on your strengths and say goodbye to your weaknesses. With this course, not only will you cover the 5 Principles of Business Leadership, but you’ll have the confidence to take your new-found knowledge even further!

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