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Introduction to Business Strategy Distance Learning Course

2021 Cambridge Management Sciences Ltd.

Introduction to Business Strategy

This adaptive distance-learning course provides you with a clear understanding of strategy as a process. It also helps to develop your ability to think strategically. It introduces the tools you need to analyse both the business environment and your organisation.  You will learn how to understand what is changing out there and how you are placed to deal with it. The course outlines how to identify the best strategy for your situation, then develop and embed it within your organisation.

You will discover:

how to identify your own key business challenges through strategic analysis
generate options
choose the best one
develop a plan to implement the new strategy.
Our evidence-based business strategy training approach helps managers improve their strategic thinking ability and increase confidence in managing strategic initiatives in their organisation to improve performance.

The adaptive technology evaluates your knowledge as you make progress and selects the material you need to match your learning needs precisely.

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